I currently work as a Quantitative Ecologist with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service Inventory and Monitoring Program. I provide ecological and analytical assistance to the roughly 130 National Wildlife Refuges in 10 southeastern states.

My research program combines field experiments, observational studies (at the level of organisms, populations, or communities), and modern quantitative tools and approaches to understand the ecology and conservation of migratory animals. This integrative, multi-scale approach facilitates collaborative research and the testing of mechanistic hypotheses relevant to conservation and management. In particular, I am increasingly focusing on the use of digitally-coded telemetry in local scale investigations into the behavioral, nutritional, and physiological ecology of migratory individuals (e.g., during resting and refueling stops in between migratory flights) as well as landscape scale questions relative to anthropogenic influences. I am an open science advocate.


USFWS - National Wildlife Refuge System
Southeast (R4) Inventory & Monitoring Branch
Athens, GA
Email: link on sidebar